Vibrant Affairs LLC.

Full Service Event & Wedding Planning

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Where are you Located?

We are located in the Memphis, Tennessee in Raleigh. 

How many guests can you accommodate? 

We can accommodate as many as 10 to 1000. 

                                                     What does an Event Designer do you ask?‚Äč

Event designers choose vendors to provide an event's decor. This includes everything from stationery for invitations to fabrics for curtains and tablecloths, centerpieces for tables, special effects, and lighting equipment. Event designers and event planners work together closely.

Why should I hire an event planner?

You should hire an event planner to be able to enjoy your event, People feel that they have to do it all! But NO!! We say you don't just leave it to us to make your day an unforgettable one.

                                              How long does it take to put together a Wedding the correct way?

   It takes 12 months to make your wedding come together in the correct way.